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  • John T. Stanhope
    January 1, 2017 at 1:53 am

    On this last day of 2016 I’d like to briefly reflect on what I think was easily one of the very best faith-friendly films of the year. That film is RISEN. I was actually very impressed with RISEN and up until the final quarter of the film I found it to be quite intelligent and completely plausible. But even that last quarter was about as well done as it could have been if one were going to place Clavius ( a fictional character very well performed by Joseph Fiennes) in the midst of Christ and His disciples.

    I took away from it that the characters and dialogue were thoughtfully written and nearly each scene made logical sense. I could easily believe events unfolding very near as were depicted. It was also largely faithful to overall Biblical accounts. And as a period film with a budget of only 20,000,000 it looks quite good. I very much liked Lorenzo Senatore’s approach to its cinematography. The film’s music score by Roque Banos also impressed.

    It is a solid, sincere film of its type and deserves to be seen. Unfortunately, it is an underrated effort, although it appears to be gaining respect and traction within ancillary markets. Frankly, if Christians do not support worthy cinema entries such as this we receive the lack of films and the typically offered tripe that we apparently evidence ourselves to deserve.

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